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    Fully Automatic roll to roll screen printing:
    Suitable for applications on PET PC flexible display electronics wiring, RFID touch screen and other high precision printing jobs.
    CCD alignment screen printing machine can bring high-precision multi-position printing product experience, improve production and save labor.
    Printing masterWorking place area(mm)1100*660
    Max inputting width(mm)500
    Max printing area(mm)900*400
    Mix printing area(mm)200*200
    Max size of screen frame1200*700
    Mix size of screen frame(mm)300*200
    undertake the printing of thickness(mm)0.075-0.125
    Mix print skip distance(mm)5
    Working voltage (v)380
    Maine machine Max power (kw)14
    Working pressure(kg/cm2)5-8
    Precision of process printing area (mm)0.05
    One time printing speed(Printing number / hour)800-900
    Second time printing speed(Printing number / hour)600-800
    Scraper stroke(mm)900
    CCD precision0.02
    CCD center space330mm
    Main machine size (mm)3700*1200*1750
    Receiving ovenOven temperature(℃)0-190
    Laminating device can be add in Oven
    Oven working voltage(V)380
    Oven max power (KW)24
    Max size(mm)500
    Oven size (mm)L2400*W1200*H2100
    feeding goods max size(mm)500
    FeedingFeeder machine peak voltage(V)220According to your requirement
    Feeder machine MAX POWER(KW)0.3
    Feeder machine size (mm)800*1000*1100Customized Silk Screen Printing Machine