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    1.Stability, static images can be controlled in a few seconds beating, fast and slow phenomenon will not occur. There is also stability in the control management system, information dissemination and so on.
    2.Poster screenj has been engineered with latest technologies to give it smoother, slimmer profile. It’s crafted in beautiful anodized lightweight yet durable aluminium to make the entire poster frame weight less than 35kg, making it more portable and easier to install.
    3.Controlsystem uses zero set design, easy operation, advertising plug and play, but also through mobile APP intelligent remote monitoring and management, so that everything is under control. LED “mirror screen” can be any stitching, so it is more traditional LCD, DLP, a larger area, broader perspective, and therefore more eye-catching, visual impact is stronger.
    4.Weight less screen body, front maintenance, exterior design strive to show the high-end atmosphere, fashionable and flexible installation, to meet the needs of a variety of installation scenarios.
    5.Other place areas such as shopping centers, restaurants, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, luxury stores, chain stores, reception halls, mobile screens, live video, restaurants, reception halls, product launches, mobile screens and chain stores , Is also very suitable for LED poster screen use.China Poster LED Display