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    Our History
    Guangzhou Jiaqi Printing Supplier CO.,Ltd. was founded in 2009.We are main do offset and flexo printing consumables,such as rubber roller,creasing matrix,ceramic anilox roller,end seal and etc.The Company is committed to improving domestic&foreign packaging and printing technology,focus on Diecutting and Flexo-printing,work closely with international renowned partners to supply the advanced technology and high-quality materials.We provide solutions and excellent technology service for the customers with advanced production equipment,high production efficiency and quality products.
    We will, as always, Adhere to the principle of “good faith management”, and “quality comes from focus and quality creates success”. With high quality products, favourable prices, advanced service network, to provide customers with reliable, stable, good cooperative environment.
    Our Factory
    Dongguan Dongyang Rubber Roller Technology Co., Ltd. is a factory of Guangzhou Jiaqi, which specializes in making rubber rollers. The factory brings together a group of high-end scientific and technological talents to achieve long-term and high-reliability operation under standard conditions. The material optimizes the corrosion protection of the product and improves the wear and friction resistance. We have multiple CNC grinding machines, dynamic balancing machines, internal mixers, rubber laminating machines, high-precision testing equipment, and the products we promise are reliable and stable,precision triple standard.
    The factory has a complete sales system and after-sales service system. We are committed to providing efficient solutions to our customers in a timely manner.
    Our Service
    We are a manufacturer of rubber roller and creasing matrix with 9 years printing experience,and the process technology is one of the best in the printing industry.
    Our supply is adequate to ensure the supply demand.
    Our products can be OEM to meet your special needs.
    We deliver the goods on time, offer favorable prices, and provide high quality products.
    We will provide after-sales service and try our best to meet the requirements of our customers.Spring Punches Made in China