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    ProductBetaine Monohydrate C
    Other namesTrimethyl glycine monohydrate
    Chemical Formula:C5H11NO2˙H2O
    CAS No.:17146-86-0
    EINECS No.:209-684-7
    Molecular weight:135.16
    ContentBetaine monohydrate≥99%
    Betaine anhydrous≥85%
    AppearanceFree flowing powder
    Product CharacteristicsWhite crystalline powder.
    IndexBetaine anhydrous content ≥85% in dried basis
    Loss on drying≤15%
    Residual on ignition≤0.1%
    Heavy metal(as Pb)≤10ppm
    TMA residual≤100ppm
    ApplicationFamous known by skin care betaine monohydrate and used in cosmetics, toothpaste, lotion, facial mask. It also can be used in Food, beverage pharmaceutical as nutritional supplement and natural preservative in food.
    Functions1. Water retention
    2. Reduction of the irritation of SLS in patients with dry mouth
    3. Moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, whitening, anti-inflammatory, protective and smoothing.
    4. Protective Agents
    5. Shining Agents
    6. Improved hair strength.
    7. Retention of its initial resistance to yield for a longer period.
    8. nutritional supplement and natural preservative in food.
    DosageCreams and Lotions 1-2%
    Conditioner 1-3%
    Shampoos 1-3%
    Wash-and Shower gel 3-5%
    Cleansing milk 2-5%
    Packing25kg/Bag, 25kg/Carton
    StorageStore in cool, dry place in original container and protected from moisture.
    Shelf life2 years from the manufacturing date.
    Q&AsQ: What does F mean in the product name?
    A: It means Feed grade product.Cosmetic Betaine Monohydrate suppliers