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    – Train painting faster
    – Reduce painting training costs
    – Increase certification rates
    – Safe, controlled environment
    – Gun Speed
    – Spray Angle
    – Horizontal Angle
    – Vertical Angle
    – Spray Distance
    – Transfer Efficiency
    – Defect Identification
    – HVLP Edge-Blending
    – Painting on Conveyor
    Q: Can you customize my paint simulator ?
    A: Absolutely! We manufacture spray paint simulator and can customize any painting simulator to fit your requirements.
    Q: What is your payment terms?
    A: We accept TT, L/C,Western Union, Papal etc.
    Q: How long is your lead time?
    For stock or regular products, our lead time is 3 to 5 days. For custom-made products, our lead time is 20 to 30 days.
    Q: What can I do if I don’t know how to install the painting simulator?
    A: You don’t need worry about it. We will provide full installation video when you have any problems.
    Q: What is your warranty?
    A: Our warranty is 24 months. Parts have free replacement excluding artificial damage in Warranty. We will also stock spare parts as long as one equipment of this type is running in the world.
    Q: What’s the Min order to your company?
    A: One set
    Q: How do you control your quality?
    A: We have an independent QC team. Our QC teams do sample inspection, part inspection during production and 100% final inspection before each shipment.
    Q: Can we visit your factory?
    A: We welcome your visit at any time. Our factory locates in Shanghai, China.
    Latest news of Car Painting Education Industry
    2019 China skills competition — the 46th World Skills Competition Shanghai trials”Car painting” project.
    Notes for players
    1. All operating procedures must follow safety regulations and wear appropriate personal safety protective equipment (use a gas-supply mask when spraying);
    2. All spraying operations need to place the workpiece vertically;
    3. At the end of the game, the tools and equipment are cleaned and reset, and the waste is discarded in the specified waste container;
    4. The competition time does not include the drying time of the workpiece, that is, the varnish spraying operation can be completed. When the game time is up, you must stop any operation;
    5. Competitors must be included in item 1.2, item 1.4, item 1.5, item 1.6 in the 鈥淧roject Task Description.
    Raise your hand to apply for a referee’s score. If a player does not apply for an item that is not graded, the score will be counted as zero.Spray Painting Simulator